My Books

Coffee Haiku is a tiny limited edition art book. Each copy of ten short verses about coffee is hand bound and numbered (there are 40 in total, and just a few left), originally published Spring 2007. Now available in the Kindle store. More about Coffee Haiku.

Haiku Miscellany is a collection of 25 haiku poems inspired by and starring the plush creations of Creative Miscellany, my “crafty” brand. — published July 2010. More about Haiku Miscellany which was included in the inaugural Emerging Local Authors Collection at the Greater Victoria Public Libraries, 2015-2016.

SmoothieJune is equal parts diary, recipes, and reviews that tells how adding smoothies to my morning routine changed my health, energy, and outlook. – projected publication Summer 2016. More about SmoothieJune

There are a few other Kindle-only offerings available if you check my author page on Amazon [Canada] [US] [UK] including short stories (The New Year Memo and Tracking Number) and contributions to other collections (Third Party Eyes and Sanitarium Magazine, issue 13) as well as non-fiction titles available in the storefronts below.


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